The track is situated in Albacete, there are 2 races, namely:
500 meters for the Greyhounds and 800 meters for the mixed
breeds Greyhounds and Galgos.
These dogs have already been running
half an hour before arriving at the track.
These dogs are being massaged and rubbed with oil.
The dog arrived in one of the trailers.
This kennel is below the pulpit.
Showing off his dog.
Every owner checks out the competition.
The bar, items served: coffee and wine.
See where the guys are looking at?
(hint. they are not looking at the dog)
this breed is very friendly
Start of the 500 meter Greyhound races, the owners
and the dogs have to walk the 500 meters
Starting is done manually
And they're off!
Some owners push their dogs.
Greyhounds have a top speed of approx. 72 Km/H (45 mph)




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