|GalgoRace| continued

Logo of the bar.
The hare was brought to the startingpoint with a moped.
The dogs don't have to wear a muzzle, so at the end
they can play with the hare.
The dogs don't bite each other even though they are not gagged.
Even the dogs that didn't win are allowed to touch the hare.
Check out the top of his cane.
The old starting gate isn't used anymore, starting
is done manually.
The awards for the winners.
The winners are waiting for their prize.
even though there was prizemoney, the owners
also placed personal wagers
The Galgos were also for sale at the races.
the colouration of this right dog is quite rare.
The man in the middle offered me a dog for €120,-
These minivans are typical Galguerocars.
Pups for sale
Notice the back of the trailer.
A straight track in a campo (vast area).
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Pretty doghead Petting his prize Offered his dog for EUR 120,-