|The Petition|

Following the horrible mutilation of 15 dogs in Taragona, in november 2001
I, on behalf of 'Greyhounds in nood Nederland' presented, together with
SOSgalgos a petition with 42.000 autographs to the veterinarian board of Barcelona.

This panel, consisting of 2 ministers of the Catalan Governement, the president of the veteranarian board, the chairman and veteranarian of 'SOS Galgos' and a lawyer were presented with 42.000 autographs.

30.000 autographs came from the Netherlands, 12.000 from Germany

The autographs were presented to Queen Sophia of Spain
The belgian "greyhoundsinnood.be" have also send a lettre to the spanish queen. (view this letter here).

No action was taken with this plee.

The panel were discussing the mutilation of the 15 dogs whose front legs were amputated without anestaesia by unknown cruel perverts.
The task of the panel was to amend Spanish legislation concerning animal rights.

The ammendment was overruled by the Spanish Governement.

The result is that animal abuse is still not punishable by law.

Here Alberto Sordé, who is a veterinarian aswell as a member of SOSGALGOS. is showing a documentary by 'Animal Planet' to the panel, proving that these practices really take place. The frame shows a dog, hanging by its neck.


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