Finally Home

All the adoptions were handled by 'Greyhounds in Nood' Netherlands

15 Dutch Families have allowed me to take pictures of the living-circumstances of their adopted dogs (Galgos and Greyhounds)

This is 'Pippi' and Jos playing the guitar.

This Greyhound originated from the Dog Race Track in Mallorca, which has been closed in 1999.

This is 'Balou' and Lucienne

This is the Beyer family with their adopted Galgo 'Josephine'
This is 'Bo' with Dorith
Resy, the chairman of Greyhounds in nood Nederland with her dogs 'Lotje', 'Bo', 'Loulou', 'Jigger' and 'Pit'
Lotje was used on the racetrack in Mallorca in races with only crippled dogs, to amuse the crowd.
This is Sane with her Galgo 'Jigger'

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