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37 galgos from Leon were held in a closed, darkened shed. They were occasionally fed, a corpse was tossed inside. You can imagine that this group, having been isolated for so long, are not well adjusted to humans. They interbred, so they display psychotic behaviour. These dogs were taken by Scooby from the hermit that was not capable of properly taking care of these dogs.
Donja, sitting on the couch, is one of these dogs that were given up to be destroyed. Anne Finch, president of Greyhoundsinneed UK saved this dog from destruction by grabbing it and putting it in the back of the van that went to Belgium.
When the Venema family adopted Lisa, the grey that is lying on the couch, saw Donja curled up in a corner, they insisted on adopting Donja too, regardless of her background. Two more dogs are in this family, greyhound Daisy and galgo Isis.
Galgo Fermin, Lying on the couch
Galgo Merlin, with Guido and Ingrid.
Van Veen Family with Amado
Gwenn with the Boeltjes family


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Donja has almost gotten used to people Lisa Fermin, who has died from a liver ailment Ingrid Guido Merlin Gwenn