PAWS used to be situated next to a graveyard in the South of Spain
now they are building a new site in Los Gallardos.
These were temporary dog shelters. They at least provide some shade.
Shuveling doggy-doo
Pups are frequently dumped in skips.
Renee Fortuin, 'Greyhounds in Nood Nederland's contactperson
in Spain
The papers of mix Galgo: 'Missy' who will be sent to the Netherlands
for adoption by a family.
Missy is here in the pension 'K9' which is run by English people,
she is here because Galgos are frequently
stolen from PAWS by Galgueros
This little dog was found poisoned in front of the gates of PAWS.
The little dog belongs to the caretaker of the
graveyard, she probably ate dumped pesticide.

We took the dog to the vet. After a few days she recovered.


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