El Galgo Senior

A rescue center in Alicante run by Pat Osborne. Greyhounds from the
Barcelona dog race track and Galgos from all around Spain stay in a 'Perrotel'
in the mountains, almost 4 miles from the Mediterrainean sea.
If you are interrested in adopting a Greyhound or a Galgo,
please vist www.elgalgosenior.com

Voor Nederland en België:
Indien u geinteresseerd bent om een hond uit dit opvangcentrum te adopteren
kunt u elgalgosenior.nl bezoeken.
Voor nog meer fotos van adoptie Galgos, verwijs ik u graag naar deze webgroup.

The front gate
Dogs waiting for their new owners
This type of galgo is called a 'Blue'
The daily walk with Pat Osborne
This mountain is the dog-shelter
Follow the leader (Galgos and Greyhounds are very obedient)
Lying in the sun
these gates separate the different sections.
Snarling Greyhound
This Greyhound got injured trying to escape
This looks worse than it is
The door to the sleepingquarters
Boris, an african Galgo is the Top-Dog, the african name for this race is 'Sloughi'
Cookie was adopted and is now known as Vila.
You can sponsor a dog by donating € 8,- per month.please visit this page for details.
These dogs belong in a loving home.
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Blue Pat Osborne Vila aka Cookie