The Scooby Shelter
'The old refuge'

Dogs waiting for their food
Dogs eating from a common trough
Amelia, one of the volunteers takes a dog to the clinic
One of the operating tables
This dog is being neutered
Marina, the volunteer veterenarian
This dog was found poisoned, great efforts couldn't help him, it was euthanised to prevent further suffering.
The poisoned dog was bleeding from all his orifices.
These Galgos were tied to the door of the clinic by an anonymous person, hoping to be adopted.
Dog Pound
Hoping for freedom
These baskets were donated by 'Greyhounds in nood Nederland'
Bread is donated by the local baker mr. Miguel Sanchos
Quarantine room
Their are not enough hands to pet these dogs
Second floor of the Scooby Shelter
Second floor of the Scooby Shelter


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