The New Scooby Shelter

The new Scooby Shelter is located in the "Vallodolid" area and is run by Spanish volunteers.
When the huntingseason ends in januari Scooby is loaded with Galgos.
500 dogs stayed in march 2002, Visit their website at

Voor Nederland en België:
Indien u geinteresseerd bent om een hond uit dit opvangcentrum te adopteren
bezoek dan deze website: of

The refuge is surounded by huge fields, called 'Campo'
One of the new fields where male dogs are kept together, The shelters are donated by 'Greyhounds in nood Nederland'
Ernesto, one of the volunteers working at Scooby
'The Hug'
500 dogs were living in the Scooby Shelter in march since the end of the hunting season in january
Under door dog
These dogs are kept in quarantine due to their illness
This dog is very sick
2 hours after taking these pictures, a dutch veterinarian treated this dog.


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