SOS Galgos

Anna Clemens and Alberto Sordé own a veterenarian clinic in Barcelona.
They rescue greyhounds from the dog-racetrack and galgos from the rest of Spain.
After these dogs are fully cured from their injuries they are placed in fosterhomes.
The following photographs depict the rescue of 'Silva' in the mountains in the Barcelona area.

You can obtain information about adopting a Greyhound or Galgo at

Searching for a stray dog
This hungry stray is tempted with laced food to facilitate it's capture
Finally the dog is eating from the food, laced with tranquiliser
Her collar is put on
The dog "Silva" is carried to the waiting car
"Silva" is sedated so there is no struggle.
Me in the car holding "Silva" who lives in the United States now
Anna is doing a preliminary check-up
Silva is not yet used to her new environment
Alberto is tapping water for "Silva"


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