Spaniards with their Galgos

Roma Boy
Gipsy doggy
home on the range
Chained dogs
Juinian offers a galgo. He told me that if I would not take it he would hang it behind his car. He even showed me the ropes that he uses normally. I took the dog and brought it to the Scooby dogshelter. It escaped from the clinic at the Scoobyshelter and was never found again.
Lost Galgos on the street

reserva para galgos

Except for Galgos

A Spanish local with his galgos
Vila Extrema dura
Sign in a field
Living conditions of the Galgos
Galgo sign
A Galgo on chain in a village
A Galgo in his home
Galgos are kept in sheds, imagine how it is when the doors are closed.
Accidental meeting with an owner of Galgos in a small hamlet in the centre of Spain.
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